Mass Effect 3’s Metacritic User Score is Extremely Negative, Yet Critics Agree it’s One of the Best Game in the Series

Mass Effect 3 is one of the best third-person, role-playing games around. Most, if not all, agree that the game has set new heights in terms of storytelling and stellar action sequences. However, it seems that the user reviews for Metacritics has something else to say about Mass Effect 3. As of this writing, the User Score is at 3.6 out of 10. This is extremely divergent from the critics score, which gives a very positive 91 out of 100. After reading some of the user reviews, it seems most of the game’s negatives stem from the game’s ending sequences. We have to say this is absolutely crazy, as an ending of a story should not dictate how well a game plays. Unfortunately, this has happened for the Call of Duty series as well. For now, ignore the low user scores, because Mass Effect 3 deserves to be one of the best games in 2012 by far.

  • Evan Carter

    Sorry, but if the ending/conclusion that the entire game, no, the entire series has been building up to sucks horribly, then that is a valid reason for incredibly low scores. It’s also justifiable to rate it low if the game has been radically changed from the beginning of the series. The people who bought into Mass Effect when it was released did so for the story, the incredible variety of choices that mattered, for the exploration – even at the cost of combat, graphics, approachability and/or big explosions. Owning the franchise does not give you a right to, in effect, pull the rug out from under your original fans and change the series to such a degree. Bioware doesn’t often make mistakes, but this game is a giant blot on their record.